Monday, October 22, 2012

Fall Porch {Lighting}

it can add drama, interest, and beautiful effects!
I created a hovering grapevine and fall leaf light
for my front porch. 

It's great for the little goblins as well as through Thanksgiving weekend! 
To some, in the daytime, it may look like a "rat's nest"!
But, by night, it's a subtle lighting overhead that I think 
highlights the porch space.

I also have my Pumpkin Topiary Lights flanking
each side of the porch, which also provides
a nice "polka dotted" lighting effect!
You can find that tutorial here.

 Here are the How-to's:
First, we (and I mean "my husband"), strung 3 strands of wire from above
the front doors to the wooden braces at the front of the porch.

Next, we wove grapevine over and around the wire.
Then tried to evenly distribute a strand of white Christmas lights.

And lastly, laid some branches with fall leaves in the vacant spots.

 (If you don't have real fall leaves, like me....
just wire some fake ones onto some bare branches. 
I don't think anyone can tell the difference, do you?)

 It looks a little dwarfed here, but from the street, 
it gives the entire porch a very nice glow.

the front doors are done! 
They are black!!!

The lights on the topiaries and the grapevine are synced with
a dusk/dawn timer, which is so very handy!

So, I'm a little behind with the rest of my porch.
Wreaths, mums, and a few more pumpkins are on their way!
so stay tuned....


  1. Great fall decorating on the porch. Your entry is so pretty and I love the black doors.

  2. How adorable-Love it! I love your doors too!



  3. Janis, what a cute idea! Love the lighting! And the black doors are fabulous!!

  4. This is such a great idea! Are your front doors new? They are just beautiful.

  5. Beautiful porch!!! I've had my eye on those topiary pumpkins!!! Love how yours turned out!!! Lovely job!!~~Angela


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