Friday, September 28, 2012

Tabletop {Keepsake} Scarecrows DIY

 I'm just a little excited to share this project with YOU!
I made these scarecrows 
about 10 years ago...
and I LOVE to bring them out each Fall season,
because I made them with my kids clothes! 

Friday, September 21, 2012

Using {Gourds} in Fall Table Decor

 Fall decor usually involves pumpkins, but there is another natural element that I love to incorporate!

Monday, September 17, 2012

{Front Door} Painted Black DIY

 I absolutely love a
touch of black in every room!
When I saw Rhoda's post at Southern Hospitality  
where she highlighted several pictures of
interior doors painted black...
I knew I was ready to just
go with it!

Sunday, September 9, 2012

DIY Fall Porch {Pumpkin Topiary}

I really love to decorate for Fall! There's just something about getting ready for cooler temps, football season,
and the special holidays to follow!

Sometimes all you need is one simple picture to inspire you to create, 
or in this case....duplicate!
My inspiration came after seeing this pic from Southern Living on Pinterest. 
I've seen several ideas using REAL pumpkins, but honestly, if I'm going to all that trouble...
I want it to last and be usable year after year!
The craft stores have these "carve-able" faux pumpkins now.
They work's what you need for each topiary:

a small, medium and large carve-able faux pumpkin
a drill with 2 different sized bits
strand of Christmas lights
hot glue
Glitter spray
fall garland with leaves, berries, etc.
sprigs of grapevine

I randomly drilled big and little holes all over the large pumpkin.
 Also, drill a hole in the top, near the stem
for the lights to come through and connect to middle pumpkin.

Drill large holes in middle sized pumpkin...
and top holes for lights.

Drill small holes in small pumpkin...
but leave top and stem in tact!

Thread lights up and through all 3 pumpkins.
Then, begin hot gluing the pumpkins together.
 Finish off with a fall garland, grapevine and a little glitter spray.
I secured the topiaries in my urns with a metal dowel rod...just something to keep it from tipping or blowing over in the wind...
whenever that first coldfront comes in!

I also spruced up those urns with a fresh coat of Rust-Oleum Flat protective enamel.  I used this really cool Comfort Grip that Rust-Oleum
gave us at the Haven Conference. Wow...what a difference it made.
It clips on easy and has a trigger that is just as it's named...COMFORTable!!!
 Closeup pic of the topiary with the grapevine, and fall garland.
The first installment of my "Fall Porch" is done!
Painting those front doors is next...
(already painted the inside of the doors and that post is coming soon!) 
If you'd like to see my finished Fall Porch and wreaths, click here,
and to see my post on Fall Porch Lighting, click here.
They look so pretty all lit up....even if it is still 90° outside!
Hurry fall weather!!!!