Tuesday, May 29, 2012

"Something Changed...the Healing Came"

Me and my beautiful girl

I received a Gift today...
my daughter gave me a poem that she wrote
It speaks of pain,
but out of it comes strength, courage and faith 
Oh, how proud this Momma is
of my beautiful girl! 
{M} in 6th grade
{M} age 15
The Revolution

Young and innocent was I
new and scared and shy
I pushed through and stayed
For deep down I knew that beautiful was I made

Insults, laughter, and mockery came flying
Into my soul/mind they went a prying
Keep steadfast O my soul
Only when necessary, stop, drop and roll

That fire oh how it burned
But somehow those scars turned
Into a reminder of where I've been
And who I've become since then

A new start, a new beginning
I know its You I must be clenching
For the world is never changed
But, I-You-We proclaimed

The newness of life
Taking away our strife
Overflowing with love unfailing
It's You oh God that I am hailing.

My thanks to You, I bow-
The bones in me are sturdy now
Calm and Confident am I
Only because of my trusting and faithful reply.

 written by {M} age 15

{M} at the Judge's Choice Awards Recital
As parents, we never want our children to have to go through any kind of pain.  I still remember how hard it was when as babies, they would fall and get hurt.  You felt helpless...and comforted them as best you could.
You send them to school, entrusting that they will be protected.
But no school is immune. 
 All kids come with insecurities, 
and some choose to tear others down.
 I know that suffering is never wasted, 
and this poem is a testament to that fact.  
God uses it for good! 
If it had been my choice, I would not have wanted my daughter to go
through any pain in those years in school.
I remember crying out to God...why her?  
What are you preparing her for, God?
As always, our God can be trusted.  
"His ways are higher than our ways...His thoughts higher than ours."
Isiah 55:8-9
I am thankful for that!
She made the brave choice to switch to a new school 2 years ago.
She left behind some sweet friends and loving teachers
but God had a plan! 
I trust that He has great plans for her in the future!


This song "Something Changed" by Sara Groves is very fitting, so if you haven't heard it...take a listen.

When you've come to the point where you can 
look back and thank God 
for saving you, rescuing you, plucking you out of a painful situation...

or walking with you through it....speaking truth into your soul...

and then YOU believe it, trust Him and surrender

then you know...

something changed...

the healing came!

Monday, May 21, 2012

Burlap {M} on Sheet Music

 My daughter's room has been {begging} for something above her bed! 

 She isn't particular about decorating, so usually if I like it, she likes it.  
We tossed around the idea of a wreath made of paper flowers,
 or sheet music butterflies, etc. etc. etc.
Then, maybe a moss covered letter M, which made me think of these burlap letters I'd seen on.....Pinterest!
Yes, that is how my brain works...crazy, I know!!

You can find the tutorial here.  Materials you need are:

Cardboard letter ( I got mine at JoAnn's).  
Glue (I used some craft glue)
Sponge roller & brush
Satin ribbon
tacks (bronze paint)
Trace the letter onto the burlap with a sharpie and cut out inside the line.
Glue the burlap onto the letter and let it dry completely.
Mix a small amount of gesso and the paint color of your choice until desired color is achieved.
Roll the paint onto the burlap and on all sides of the letter.  Let dry.
I then came back and sponged on some darker paint along the edges to give it an antiqued look.
Add ribbon onto the back of the letter and tie in a bow. 
 I went through some old sheet music, then mixed them until I liked the arrangement.  I painted some plain tacks I had with Bronze paint and used those to tack each sheet to the wall.
 Then hung the {M} in just the right place!
 She loves the way it looks and it really is a focal point when you walk into her room.  The tulip stained glass windows fit pretty closely over the square built-in windows.  

Our first house (that we brought her home to) had similar tulip stained glass in the living room, so when I found these, 
I was excited the size was just right.  

Daughter {M} is 15 and an accomplished pianist and cellist, 

Thursday, May 10, 2012

{Puttin' on the Ritz} French Silk Pie

 Mother's Day is this weekend, so for all you mothers out there....
I hope you are encouraged and celebrated 
for being the heart of your home!

Know that you are appreciated for all that you DO that is noticed 
and all that goes unnoticed! 

You are beautiful, unique, and valuable to this world 
and to your family!

So, who likes CHOCOLATE?  Me, obviously....

Here's a delicious recipe for a "melt-in-your mouth" French Silk Pie!
It's like a truffle, but in pie form and with whipped cream, woohoo!!

These are the only ingredients (except for the 3 eggs, oops!) you need for the pie.  Heavy whipping cream, powdered sugar and chocolate shavings top it off!

1 c. sugar                                                1 tsp. vanilla
3/4 c.  softened butter                             3 eggs
3 oz. unsweetened chocolate,                 Whipped Cream
   melted and cooled
for the crust:  
1 1/2 sleeves of Ritz crackers
1 stick of butter, melted

Mix together the crushed Ritz crackers and melted butter.  Press into a 9" pie plate.  Bake at 350° for 8-10 minutes.
Let cool completely.

Combine sugar and butter in small mixing bowl.  Beat at medium speed until light and fluffy.  Add chocolate and vanilla.  Beat until well mixed.
Add eggs, one at a time, beating 2 minutes after each egg.
Spoon filling into cooled crust;  chill until firm.  
Garnish with whipped cream and chocolate shavings.

For Whipped Cream you can check out my post here.

This recipe is adapted from The Passion of Cooking by Karen Page.

*this recipe does call for raw eggs, so wash shells before cracking, or use pasteurized eggs. 
 And I'm not kidding about the "beating for 2 minutes"!  This is when having a stand mixer comes in handy! Just set your timer and go put a coat of polish on your toes or something!
I love the crumbly and slightly salty Ritz crust!  It pairs well with the sweet truffle-like filling.

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Monday, May 7, 2012

Groovy Pool Room {Danceoff}

 Have you heard about the Blogger Danceoff happening over at HouseTalkN?  
Kerry wants all Bloggers to show their dance moves and post your vlogs!

I'm competitive by nature, and even though I'm menopausal older than those gals, I figured I had some moves that they 
maybe haven't seen before.

So, I thought I'd show you my new Groovy Pool Room and 
just dance it up in there!  

 Here's a view of the left side seating area. 
 (Hub caps, Walmart floor light and Target furry pillow)

 Bass drum sitting on an X-base with wooden legs from Lowe's.  
Crate and Barrel rug....it was a splurge, but a perfect match!

 Right side seating area.  Starburst mirror from Hobby Lobby, lamp and side table from Target.

My own 70's album covers in frames from Target, 
and the LP's tacked on angled ceiling.

We strung a set of Christmas lights throughout the grill and headlights of the Buick, then wired a switch so we can turn the lights on!!

Hope you enjoyed the tour of our Groovy Pool Room
...and got a good laugh watching the vlog!!!!


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