Wednesday, April 18, 2012

A {surprise} Baby Blanket

 I just love surprises...well, let me be more clear...I love to surprise people!  
I, myself, would rather know what's going on. 
 Maybe that's the "control" part of my personality coming out...Ha!  

Anyway, I have a sweet young friend, who is about to have her first baby.  
We live in different states, and keep in touch through Facebook. 
 I got to know her last summer, along with 2 other very special young ladies,
 and their Moms!

  They quickly became attached to my heart and my daughter's heart.  
They love the Lord and are shining examples of how to follow Christ!
full view of the blanket's the sneaky part.  I went to her Pinterest boards and looked at what she had pinned for the nursery.  Behold, a cute and adorable baby boy blanket....
AND it led me to the blog with easy to follow instructions.  
You can find that link here @ This Mama Makes Stuff.  
 The blog gives good instructions for making the blanket.  Her instructions are for using old flannel shirts or fabric.  I did a combination of the two.  One shirt that my hubby won't miss (I liked it because the plaid pattern was larger than the fabric plaids I found)

You also need 1 yd. Minky swirl fabric
a few flannel shirts and/or 1/2 yard of various plaid flannels
1 yd. muslin (30" X 30" plus 2  11" X 14")

The blanket is 30" X 30" and I made 2 burp cloths that are 11" X 14".
I cut strips 5" wide and the red plaid 2" wide.   The muslin is the base fabric and I laid the pieces out on top of it to check the pattern. 

Then I sewed the 5" pieces together (wrong sides together), 
and sewed each strip to the muslin, leaving a 1" gap.  
Then overlap and sew the red plaid strips on top (1/4" from edges) of the 5" strips.  
When piecing the strips together, I left the seam raw, so that they would fray. 
 I did the same when sewing the red plaid on top.  Gives it a "rag quilt" look.

You cut the Minky fabric 2 1/2" 32 1/2" X 32 1/2" and for burp cloths, 
 2 that are 13 1/2" X 16 1/2"

Lay your finished plaid topper on Minky fabric (wrong sides together), and fold Minky fabric 1" and roll over and pin in place.  Tuck and roll in the corners, and stitch in place.
I mailed the surprise package on Monday....and hoping she gets it today...eeeekk!

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  1. such a beautiful gift and even more special because of the love (and sneakiness!) that went into it! I am sure it will be very treasured x

  2. Ooo, it's lovely and so warm and snugly-looking. Down here we just coat the babies in spf 200 and let them sleep on the sand. ...kidding.

  3. Oh Janis! I'm crying right now! I just opened your gift and then saw this on Facebook. You and Meredith are so wonderful! Thank you for the thoughtful gift that will be treasured forever. Porter is so blessed to have such wonderful people in his life and to have you praying for him. Love you so much!!!!

  4. That is SOOO adorable!! I love it. It looks so soft and comfy too. Nice job with piecing it together. I'm definitely pinning this!

    Thanks for linking up to Romance on a Dime.

  5. What a sweet blankie! Can you make one for me in XXL?

  6. I loved this so much, I'm featuring it today for the Take it on Tuesday blog hop!! Feel free to grab a featured button!

  7. Beautiful job!! I love that you found the idea from her Pinterest board. I've done that with friends gifts too. It will be a wonderful surprise for your friend. Megan

  8. The blanket is adorable! Here's another blogger award,Janis!! Check it out. I nominated you!


  9. you did tremendously beautiful job!! it's making me crave Christmas;-)

  10. You are so sweet! I love the blanket, and now I'm going to Pinterest-stalk my sister/mom/stepmom/friends to get ideas for gifts. Brilliant!



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