Friday, September 21, 2012

Using {Gourds} in Fall Table Decor

 Fall decor usually involves pumpkins, but there is another natural element that I love to incorporate!

 I found these lovely stained gourds at an antique fair. 
They come in all different sizes, shapes, and
 And YES, they last year after year, 
because they've been dried, stained, and sealed!
 For my arrangement, I gathered my assortment of gourds,
 and placed them in a metal oblong tray...
but anything would work, even just laying them on the table or runner.
 I wrapped some garlands of acorns around the edges and tucked in some
realistic looking fall leaves.
 My runner is made of gold velvet with some coordinating chair fabric inserted at the ends. I scrunch it and let the pointed ends with the tassels rest at the ends of the table, but not sure those made it in the picture. Oops!
 Here's a closeup look...
 The colors range from a soft mocha, to soft orange, plum and red.
 I like the different shapes of gourds too...
the goose-neck, pear, dippers, kettles 
and whatever else you like to call them.
 Happy Fall decorating!!!!


  1. Janis, your gourds are beautiful! The colors are absolutely perfect for fall. What a lovely vignette!

  2. I just LOVE this! It looks wonderful in your dining room with your colors.

  3. Love your Centerpiece, and your photos are Gorgeous!

    1. Thanks Lorrie! I've been working on my photography skills, so I appreciate your comment very much!!!

  4. looks really really rich and full and lovely, I like all the colors!
    I seriously need some festive colors around my home:/


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