Friday, March 21, 2014

How to Build a Tablescape

While I was putting together my Spring tablescape, 
I thought I'd take some photos along the way, to show you
 how I build a simple tablescape design.

The definition of tablescape is an artistic arrangement 
of articles on a table.

 I'd say there is a LOT of freedom in that definition to arrange 
and add whatever you like to your dining table.
Let's get started!

First: The table needs a runner, tablecloth, or something for all your items to "land" on.

 Here, I used individual pages of sheet music, (because I have stashes of it) and staggered them all the way
 down the center of the table.
Second:  Select items that will add height to your table arrangement. At this point, I already know that I am going to use 3 ceramic crosses, so I basically look for items that the crosses can sit on that will vary the height. 

Here, I used 2 large books for the center and highest point, then added ceramic pedestals on either side.
Third:  Now add the pieces you want to highlight. The table will have two sides to view, 
so make sure both sides have items of interest.

Here, I placed the 3 ceramic crosses atop the books and pedestals.
I grounded them with patches of moss. The gold cord and tassels are draped around the books.

Here, I added a cute bird's nest on the backside of the arrangement.
Fourth:  Now it's time to add some "filler's". You want to fill in some of the empty space, and this can easily be done with candles.

Here, I brought out my tarnished silver creamer collection.
I tucked some moss inside each one and placed a tealight on top.

That's all there is to it!
A simple, yet beautiful tablescape for Spring or an Easter Brunch. 

You could easily incorporate fresh flowers 
in place of the tea lights to add more color for your special gathering.
Here's another view. The centerpiece is done, so the table is ready until it's time to set out the finery for a special meal.
I do love the look of tarnished silver. 
Plus, there's no polishing involved!
Three crosses and some silver...
I think both of those elements are represented in the Easter Story.
I love when a design ends up having meaning.

Check back soon to see the words I'm adding
 to the Dining Room Chalkboard. 


  1. Beautiful and so perfect for Easter.

  2. Oh this is GORGEOUS! Thanks so much for your step-by-step directions!

  3. Gorgeous Janis! Perfect for Easter!~~Angela

  4. The books and rope are items I never would have thought about for a tablescape, but it is absolutely lovely! Love the crosses as we head toward Easter! Blessings, Cindy

  5. all of the great textures . . I love how you used the books and sheet music as a very creative and the result is a wonderful tablescape perfect for Spring and Easter!...thanks so much for the inspiration!!

  6. Great photos indeed!!! The last pictures reminds me of an old cathedral's hall where sunlight is playing with the holy crosses on the altar. I hope you don't mind me installing this great quality picture on my desktop :)


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