Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Anthro {knockoff} necklace DIY

 Would you guess that this necklace was made of {plastic} chandelier
crystals, silver glass beads, and organza ribbon?
I saw this DIY necklace on Pinterest, and had to try it.
The Morning Letters blog shows how she did it. 
 I made a few changes that worked better for me.  
1 pkg. Silver glass beads (Hobby Lobby-only need 1 package)
1 pkg. Silver glass beads (8mm)...(optional, only need 2 beads)
3 pkgs. Chandelier Crystal {plastic} embellishments (Michael's)
1 pkg. 9 mm jump rings
1/4 inch organza ribbon to match
Ceramocoat acrylic paint...I used Sea Foam
I also used clear top coat fingernail polish, stringing wire (.015" for jewelry) and crimping beads.
You'll also need jewelry pliers, crimpers, and wire cutters.
 Begin by painting the crystal pieces with the craft paint.  I put 2 coats on both sides.  The finish at this point will be matte.  When dry, put 1 or 2 coats of clear top coat fingernail polish (this protects and gives a sheen)
Add jump rings to crystals and begin stringing on the wire, putting 3 silver beads between each crystal.  The first strand will have 9 crystals
and the second will have 7 crystals.

Join the two strands together by threading both wires through one 8mm silver bead, or you can use the smaller 6mm.
 I like the look of the larger one.
1.  Thread both wires through a crimping bead and make a loop, then thread wires back down through bead again.  
Double your organza ribbon and cut to appropriate length
 (I cut at 39") for tying on each side.  

2. Thread one ribbon through loop and pull wires to tighten.
 I only wanted the ribbon doubled to where I'd likely tie it in the back, so before crimping, adjust length of ribbon.   

I doubled and knotted the ribbon to about 13", as seen in above pic.

 Crimp the bead and snip off extra wire.

3.  Make a knot  with the doubled organza ribbon so that it covers the crimp bead.

4.  Tighten knot closely to large bead.    Repeat on the other side.
  Put fray check or a similar product on ends of ribbon to prevent fraying.
Here are a few wardrobe options...love it with white!
 The sea foam green is lovely against the coral.... You just might see me sporting this at the Haven Conference!

I'm off to pack!!!....cuz "I'm leaving on a jet plane" tomorrow morning!

Changes I made to the original instructions from TML blog:
I found that the holes in the silver beads were very tiny and threading with the ribbon was not going to work for me, so I used wire.
I opted not to use the white pearl paint over the acrylic paint.


  1. Amazing! I am so glad you shared how to make this necklace. This is a must try on my summer to-do list. So cute!

    1. Thanks Elyse! I hope people don't get tired of seeing me wearing it...lol! I'd like to make some more in other colors!!! Let me know how it goes...I'd love to see yours!

  2. SO pretty...definitely a keeper project!
    Blessings, Lorraine

  3. Hey Janis- this is some knockoff! great job.
    ps- this is laura , i sat in front of you in the afternoon Hobby to business session at Haven.

  4. Janis, you're amazing, THIS is GREAT! Love this idea, and will make it for gifts:)

  5. This is amazing! Thanks for sharing such a great idea! I enjoyed meeting you at Haven. See you today!

  6. Awesome!!! I actually like yours better than the Anthro one.

  7. Great to meet you today. Laughed at your 'jet plane' comment. At dinner tonight a bunch of us were going around the table telling one thing about ourselves that was 'different' and I said I secretly love John Denver. I totally sing (horribly) at the top of my lungs when I listen to him. Gonna' jump around and follow you now.

  8. This was just as gorgeous in person. I love it, and absolutely may have to knock it off. "My All Things Beautiful Knockoff of the Anthropologie Knockoff." HA!

  9. Hi Janis...it was lovely to meet you at Haven. And I love that we have kids the same ages!!!! I hope your trip home was safe and uneventful and that you have a great summer. If you ever get the chance...stop by "my old country house"
    keep being beautiful!


  10. It was very nice meeting you at Haven this past week. I look forward to spending some time on your blog getting to know you better. Keep on being creative - I love your necklace project. Regards, Barb @ The Everyday Home

  11. HI Janis!!!.....I was so excited to meet you!!....Gorgeous, gorgeous necklace!!....I made one necklace at my "Crafty Chicks" group but had to be guided from beginning to end!...So I can really appreciate the work that goes into a creation as beautiful as yours!!....Love it!!

  12. ooh, that is gorgeous! love your waaay cheaper version!

  13. Janis this is incredible! Love the way it turned out! The details are perfecto! Thank you for sharing with us at Uncommon! Featuring this today on our FB page and twitter! ;)

  14. New follower - from the link up! hope you will do the same!

  15. I love this necklace!!! Now following ;)


  16. Love your necklace, imagine it was a big hit at Haven last year. I'm late reading a lot of emails. Love to read older posts also. It's amazing what I learn from blogs. Very exciting to me to see so many wonderful projects and learn so much.
    Would I have to paint the crystals? Guess it depends on effect wanted and what it's worn with. Looks very simple, love the process. I thought about using an old string of pearls instead of the silver beads. Glad you shared this post even if I'm so tardy seeing it. Happy weekend.


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