Monday, June 18, 2012

Lamp Makeover with ASCP

You can paint anything with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint, right?
So I have this lamp....from Marshall's....had it for several years.  The mantle in the Living Room has an electric plug (for Christmas lights and lamps) I've been wanting to put a lamp up there to try it out. 
I tried this lamp up there.  One of the problems was that the shade blended in with the wall color.  
I've seen peeps use ASCP on fabric and rave about it, and this shade is vinyl, I has that fake leather look.
After 2 coats of Annie Sloan Graphite...the shade looks fabulous!
The paint covered nicely and then I added clear wax and finished with dark wax (not sure I could tell a huge difference...the dark wax might've made the shade a tad darker, but not really that noticeable).
 The rug in the Living Room has some blue grey in it, so I used the Duck Egg and painted the sections that were previously reddish.  I sanded just a tad, then rubbed on clear wax, then dark wax.
 Here's a closeup of the bottom of the lamp.   As you can see, I just globbed the dark wax on and wiped off a little, then buffed to a nice matte sheen.
I love the way the shade pops now against the wall color.
Are you swooning over my metal crowns?....Love those!!


  1. Janis, this is an awesome makeover! The lamp is perfect and your vignette, with the crowns, is beautiful! Great job!

  2. Love the lamp! I've never used ASCP or wax... and YES! Those crowns are adorable!!

  3. I am loving your lamp makeover Janis! It is gorgeous! Who knew you can paint lamp shades with ASCP? I am swooning over your crowns too. Where did you find them?


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