Monday, July 16, 2012

How to Mod Podge Prints to Canvas DIY

Since we're on the subject of chocolate,
I thought I'd take you into my Master Bathroom, 
which also has chocolate walls.... and show you
a fairly recent project.

 When you move from 8' ceilings to 10' ceilings,
not all of your framed art will work
in the same places.

I have these beautiful botanical prints. 
I believe they are from taken from monthly seed catalogs,
so we have ones from me and my husband's 
birthday months.
They were framed nicely, poster style in gold frames.
But, when we moved, they were dwarfed by the 10' ceilings.
I could have added a mat and reframed them, but that would
have been very costly. So plan B, Mod Podge!
I purchased 2 blank canvases and painted them to 
match our Master Bathroom. I added a stripe detail to the edges.
Then, I mod podged the prints to the canvas, back of print, then on top.

I didn't use a brayer, but should have, and maybe more Mod Podge, too!
There are a few wrinkles...
but I figured it adds to the uniqueness!

To add even more height, I bought some decorative chain
(usually near the lighting section of home improvement stores)
and some decorative tacks.

Stapled the chain to the wood frame on the canvas, with my handy dandy electric staple gun...THAT I LOVE, btw...
and hung them with the tacks.

There's always a Plan B....

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  1. I love your new art. Your bath is so elegant and pretty. I see a pretty chandy there too.


    1. Thank you Danielle...and yes, I love a little blingy chandy. The one above my bathtub is actually for no electrician needed!! So glad you like it, and appreciate your sweet comment.

  2. You have such beautiful style! I think they came out so nice. The chain is a great idea!

    1. Thank you Lori!!! The chain definitely added the additional height I needed! xoxo

  3. This is beautiful! I have nominated your blog for The Versatile Blogger Award - please go to my site to check out the rules / guidelines.

    1. Ohhhh JoAnn...thank you!!! I'll go check it out! {hugs}

  4. Oh so very pretty! Can I soak in that tub of yours? Love it!!!

  5. Janis, I LOVE these!!! You do a flawless job, I would not do so well LOL
    thanks for sharing this:)

    1. oh Gina...nothing I do is ever! Imperfect can still be beautiful!!


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