Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Personalized Drink Bucket {Wedding Gift}

 Let's just say....wrapping presents is NOT my gift! 
I can make a bow, but wrapping presents is just not something
 I've ever spent a lot of time on.
I do appreciate pretty packages!
So, I'm always looking for simple ways to make presents look cute!!

You know my addiction to Pinterest, and I've seen a few ideas there for personalized drink buckets.  Check out this cute one at Sweet Thoughts Boutique.

I decided on this design that I saw at Katies Rose Cottage blog.
 Check out her cute tutorial where she adds the burlap with a number stencil, 
by clicking on her blog title link. 

I found this cute bronze bucket at Target and followed Katie's directions.
I cut a section of burlap and pulled the ends off so it was a tad frayed on all edges.
Then I used some Ivory acrylic craft paint and dabbed some paint in the center area.
While the paint was drying, I chose a font and printed out the Monogram letter.
I cute the letter out and made a simple stencil.
To keep it from moving too much, I taped the edges, 
and filled in the "H" with a Sharpie marker!

I then painted the back of the burlap with Mod Podge and placed it on the bucket.
The Mod Podge dries clear and should keep the burlap from fraying any further.
cute, huh???
Here it is with fun drinks in it....
I used this combo of burlap garland and lace ribbon from Michaels, to wrap some of the
fun items I was putting into the bucket.
The last little touch was the card! 
My mom found this cute little pic of my niece when she was little.
I think it's from a party where the girls were playing dress up.

We made a black and white copy of it and attached it to some card stock...
wrote our message and tied it to the bucket handle with lace ribbon.

The wedding shower was fun
and wishing C & J a blessed Wedding Day!!!!

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  1. Janis, what a cute idea! It's not only pretty; but, also, practical. The happy couple can use this for so many things; and the card is the perfect finishing touch!

  2. Love this idea...I am sure that the couple was thrilled when they received it...So many creative ideas...Terrific card, so beautiful and personal!

  3. Hi Janis, I'm stopping by from Blogtalk...the burlap monogram is perfect, the whole bucket is so classy!
    I'm already a GFC & pinterest follower, also following you via fb, twitter & hometalk!

    1. I pretty much like anything with burlap these days. Thanks so much and look forward to knowing you better!!!

  4. This is a great idea. For any type of parties or events wine baskets are a very good idea to gift anyone and enjoy the party.

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