Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Twist Party Streamers and Sweet 16

 There was going to be NO party!
Because she had opted for a "15 1/2" party 
in February with all her girlfriends.
The sleepover, eat fun stuff, dance, play games, talk, giggle....
kind of teenager party!

 But it was a big DAY turning 16!
 I wanted to decorate the downstairs a tad and we needed some balloons.  Crepe paper streamers are always an easy festive touch...
but how to make them fun?
 I remember seeing a picture somewhere of streamers 
that looked like candy wrappers. 

I searched to find it, but had no luck. So, I played around with a roll of crepe paper. I grabbed a thumb size piece and twisted twice, then grabbed another section the size of my thumb and twisted in the other direction, twice...and so on...until I had a long streamer! 
 Here's a closeup picture of how easy it is!
The 4 streamers of each color were hung on each side of the entryway and along the edges of the Dining Room buffet., (click to see post)
 which is where I placed the "Happy Birthday" sign.

I also tried putting two colors together and made short streamers with those...draped some around the sign and on top of the buffet table.

 I had seen this idea on Pinterest, where you attached a picture to the end of a balloon for each year of their life! How adorable!!!

I quickly found the pics and printed them off...
then made cute numbers and attached them to the photos.
Ordered and picked up the helium balloons...and sneaked them into the house without her seeing! Phew!

But around Midnight, when I got around to taping the pictures to the balloon ribbon...I unfortunately discovered that the pics weighed the balloons down and sent them straight to the floor...ugh!

Plan B...
taped them in order along the entryway wall! 
(and they used some helium booster too...?)

She did have a great day and some fun surprises!
If you missed the post about her Pina Colada cake, you can find it here.

Where did the time go? 
Treasuring these moments....


  1. Happy Birthday!!...16 is such a great time in your life...enjoy every moment of it!!...Great decorations...I love the balloon idea! Have a wonderful day!

    1. I am truly trying to enjoy each and every moment! The years are flying...appreciate your sweet comments, always!

  2. Janis, this is just wonderful! Hope your daughter had a fabulous birthday!!! This is such a creative idea!

    1. It was simple and hopefully memorable for her! I do like the streamers and may have to try that again sometime. Thanks for your encouraging words!!!

  3. My son just turned 16 too. And I don't KNOW where the time goes... ? I would tell you if I did. What a lovely day and a beautiful girl :)

    1. Thank you Shannon!! So we can compare "teen" stories...It is a fun ride, for sure!!!


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