Friday, November 2, 2012

Glare No More {Window Tinting}

 I love large picture windows! In our Living Room, there is a configuration of six windows. The view is of our backyard and covered patio.

Due to last summer's drought, we lost a treasured Burr Oak tree this fall. Sadly, it provided not only lovely foliage, but it shaded our patio and kept the sun from invading our Living Room at sunset. 

After the tree was removed, my husband and I thought about planting another tree. In the meantime, the whole family was getting blasted by the glaring sun each and every afternoon. An immediate solution was needed!

Window tinting became the next viable option. I did my research online, and quickly discovered a favored brand and product. I found rave reviews for Huper-Optik Nano-Ceramic Films window tinting products.

Installing tinting on upper right window
 Fortunately, I found a company in town that installs this product. John, from Invision Window Tinting came by and gave me an estimate. He showed me the ideal balance of tinting. No one wants their room to feel like a cave, but yet you want to cut down on the glare. The Huper Ceramic 30 was perfect.
Installation on middle upper window
All upper window with tinting
All tinted except lower right
 As the pictures hopefully show, the tinting highlights the colors, but without the glare. I am so pleased with how this came out, so I wanted to share this info with you. Not only has the glare been tempered, the tinting reduces heat and fading. Hoping the heating/cooling bills will be lower as well.
Full sun and glare reduction

This last pic was taken at full sun and glare! Wish I had a pic of the glare before tinting, but I'm afraid it would have been one bright blob. If you live in the south Texas area and are in need of window tinting, I can highly recommend John and his team. You can find more information on their website here.

The outside of these windows have been cleaned since I took this pic...haha! All you need is a bucket of warm water, with a few drops of Dawn liquid dish detergent. Apply with a sponge, then use a good squeegee and your windows will sparkle!!!

Disclosure: I was provided a small discount on installation in exchange for this blog post. This review is my opinion alone.


  1. Oh Janis- those windows are Beautiful! Nice work-- and I bet that is so much nicer!

  2. Great idea Janis! Those windows looked even more beautiful.

  3. Nice work Janis! I use Gila 3 ft. x 15 ft. Titanium Heat Control Window Film on my window. This will allow you to reflect up to 72% of the sun's heat to keep your home cool and to reduce summer cooling costs and blocks up to 99% of UV rays to prevent your furniture and decorations from fading.


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