Sunday, December 2, 2012

5 {Christmas Mantle} DIY projects

My work was cut out for me when I decided to change 
my Christmas color scheme this year! 
The front door and porch were the first to be done. 

You can check out my Winter White wreaths by clicking here.  
The front door garland and porch lighting post 
you can find by clicking here. 
Now, on to the Christmas Mantle and the how-to's!

The projects included are:
1. Chalkboard sign
2. Icy branches
3. Mirror garland
4. Frosty glittered sheet music candles
5. Ribbon/Burlap candleholders
 The chalkboard I have had for many many years.
They are easy to make and there are many ways to make them.
I bought this empty frame at Hobby Lobby, then cut MDF board to fit it.
I then spray painted the board with "chalkboard" paint.
It took several coats! Pop the board into the frame.

I've seen many lovely wooden signs. You can find the one that sparked my inspiration by clicking here. The blog is Not My Own, which is from one of my all time favorite verses, so check it out!

In the interest of time, I knew using my chalkboard would be a quick and easy way to get the words I wanted up on the mantle.

I played around with some fonts,
and just eyeballed the writing with some chalk!
It's not perfect, but it'll do for this year!!

Project #2... the "icy" branches on the garland.
I saw these beautiful "iced" branches from Make Them Wonder blog. 
You can find the instructions here.

This "iced" technique can be used on just about anything.
It's a little messy, so I worked outside.
 First you need some Tacky Glue and I used a clear gel, but the regular white would work too. The Colorfill vase filler, I found at  Hobby Lobby.
Squirt glue on the branches and sprinkle the vase filler on top. I also shook a little glitter on top as well, for extra sparkle.
 I figured I was making a mess already, so why not?

So watch out wreaths, ornaments, garlands, silk flowers, pine cones, etc. 
I just might go "ICY" crazy on you!
 Project #3...mirror garland.
This is quick and easy. All you need is some jute string, hot glue gun and a package of small round mirrors per strand. I made 3 strands for my 10' garland.  I found the mirrors at Michael's.
This idea was inspired by the blog Sweet suite 10 where she made ornaments with these small round mirrors.
You can find her idea by clicking here.
Project #4...frosty, glittered sheet music candles.
I've mod podged sheet music onto candles before,
 (you can find that tutorial by clicking here. )
While the mod podge is still wet, I made a mixture of Epsom salts and glitter. I mixed it together on some wax paper, then rolled the candle in it until the area was covered and sparkly. I set them upright to dry.
This project was inspired by the blog Remodeling This Life and you can find the tutorial by clicking here.
 Project #5...Ribbon/Burlap Candleholders.
Basically, go to your pantry and find different sized cans. Wrap them with ribbon and secure with hot glue. Then cover with burlap ribbon. On some, the ribbon was too tall, so I folded the extra down to make a cuff.
 (You can see the cuffed burlap on one candleholder in the second photo)

No need to go out and buy more candlesticks!
 Shhhh, I don't think anyone will know! 

If you'd like to see more pictures of my Glittery Christmas Mantle,
you can click here. 

Happy crafting and decorating!!! 

Better Late Then Never @ Top This Top That  


  1. Loving your candles! What a cute and clever idea! Looks great!


  2. Gorgeous! You've been busy! I love the mirror garland, the chalkboard and your amazing music candles. You do the most incredible things with sheet music!

  3. Janis, you are so clever and creative! You make all of this 'fabulousness' look so easy!! Just beautiful! Thanks for sharing!

  4. Aww love the canned goods ! That's an awesome idea!

  5. Aww love the canned goods ! That's an awesome idea!

  6. These are GREAT ideas! I especially love the whole 'can' thing, but my husband would destroy it, looking for soup.
    PS-we are learning about Gettysburg this week.

  7. Love your candles ideas! You gave me some good ideas here.

  8. What great ideas. I wish I was crafty. Y'all come up with the best ideas.

  9. Love the iced effect you created!! I dabbed one of my old fake trees with chalkpaint that I tried to make and ended up a flop- I think next year I will put some sparkle to it too!

    Came by to see your beautiful front door decor and had to peek at more of your great ideas!

    bee blessed


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