Monday, December 10, 2012

{Mercury Glass} Christmas Hurricane

 How do you decorate your coffee table? 
I've been de-reddening my Christmas decor downstairs, so I needed a new something for the center of the living room.

I turned a plain glass hurricane candle holder into a
 mercury glass masterpiece last year.
Well, not quite a masterpiece, but it looks pretty good!

There are lots of tutorials on how to transform
 a glass container into a mercury glass lookalike.
Krylon makes a Looking Glass spray paint that makes it very easy.

I pulled out my Hurricane candle holder to take a look...
 and decided it would work well with the 
"new color scheme" of winter white, ivory, silver, antique silver,
bronze, and glitter everything!
 Now to decorate around it!
I started with a silver charger, then added fresh greenery around.
I pulled apart a decorative floral pick and just used the bronze glittery branches, and the silver berries. I tucked them in the greenery.

Those 3 large, rusty jingle bells came from Hobby Lobby. 

You know I love sheet music!
I put some through our shredder, then scrunched them up a bit, and put a clump in the middle.

I made room in the center for the hurricane candle holder to sit level.
Don't forget the candle....
All done!
 Here's another closeup view. I generally always take apart those decorative floral picks, so you can spread the sparkle around!
 There's my coffee table decorated for Christmas.
The other end of the table sits 2 large books with
 a large stone cross resting on top.
Using simple items that you already have...layering them,
makes a quick and easy centerpiece!


  1. I love that look Janis... so simple and pretty. I want to try that mercury paint but at this point it will be AFTER Christmas! Hope you have a great one!

  2. Janis, this is so pretty! You're so good!! When you're finished, feel free to come over and pretty up my place, anytime!!!

  3. I love the beauty and the simplicity of this. I want to try the mercury glass paint on an old glass vase. You've inspired me to try.

  4. It looks great! (and I love the phrase 'de=reddening.')

  5. Lovely Janis. I love the look of mercury glass. You have inspired me too.

  6. Great job, Janis! It looks just right on your coffee table. I'm really loving the look of mercury glass combined with natural and rustic elements this year. I really like the sheet music that you shredded too. Thank you for linking up to the Better Late Than Never Christmas Inspirations bloghop.

  7. What a lovely job you did creating the mercury glass look on your hurricane. I have pinned a couple of different tutorials, but just haven't attempted doing that yet. Now I'm more encouraged. Your coffee table looks perfect!

  8. Oops, forgot to tell you that I'm a new follower!


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