Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Finding Inspiration {Marburger Farms Antique Show}

Art & Antique Hunter
Junk"ing", Flea Market"ing", Treasure hunt"ing", Antiqu"ing"...
no matter what you call it, for me it's where I find inspiration!

How about some European eye candy? Gorgeous finds from Art & Antique Hunter's booth at Marburger Farms Antique Show.
Art & Antique Hunter
More exquisite candlesticks, mirrors, statues, and
 furniture pieces.
Leftover Antiques
Inspiration comes by studying how others use their creativity to style shelves, and tabletops as seen here by Leftover Antiques.
Leftover Antiques
 My "decorating mojo" gets going.
Seeing others' creativity and styling inspires me, plus I enjoy the beauty in old junk treasured antiques. 

I'm sharing with you some of my favorite antique dealer booths from my recent trip to Marburger Farms Antique Show,
which is going on now through Saturday, Oct. 5, 2013.
Inner Pieces
This huge pediment caught my eye and I really wanted to take it home, but it was already sold. Early bird gets the pediment worm!
 Lisa, at Inner Pieces had such beautiful French pieces and her lamps/sconces were gorgeous.
Leftover Antiques
 These pumpkins nestled in hay in these containers looked so lovely. Texas branches don't often change colors, but these green leaves work wonderfully. Who wouldn't love that French sign?
Leftover Antiques
 More styling ideas from the gorgeous booth Leftover Antiques.
I loved them so much, that I even took the 19 mile trek up the road to visit their store near Brenham, TX. I was not disappointed.
This booth from Perspective was another absolute favorite.
My pics aren't great, because I was shuffling a frame, bags, purse, my big camera and a huge iced tea. 
Plus, there were lots of admirers all around. 
There were so many lovelies to catch your eye, that I had to walk back in and out a few times to see it all. Adore these lamps!
And the sheep head, and the frames, and the mirror, and.... 

the rocking horse, brass instruments, pheasant, dress form, metal locker, stick horse, etc. etc. etc.
Sweet Pea Home
Here's another booth that took my breath away. 
Sweet Pea Home has a way of putting things together 
that add such loveliness.
Sweet Pea Home
I love the touches of greenery, the antique floral picture, and those dried hops on the shelf are stunning. 
Sweet Pea Home
I wish I had a place for this locker cabinet. 
The patina is to die for! Shelley at Sweet Pea Home also used to blog, so you can check out her website here, where you can still find many of her inspirational creations and style.
Texas Junk Sisters
Look at that amazing clock in the Texas Junk Sisters booth! 
There is a ton of treasure in that thar picture.
Texas Junk Sisters
Another shot of the Sisters booth. Anyone need a mantle? or frames? or animal heads or bodies?? Loved their style.

After 2 huge glasses of Iced Tea, an awesome sandwich from Legal Tender...this gal was plum tuckered out!

I think us Texans know how to put on an Antique Show!
If you can't make the trip to see for yourself, 
I hope you found inspiration here!! 

I'll show you what goodies I found for myself and where they all found a home in an upcoming post, so stay tuned. 

If you'd like to see more inspiration from my trip last Spring,


  1. That was amazing! I don't think I could begin to pick a favorite because everything looks so beautiful - and I agree it does make you see things in a new way when you see how others style! Inspiring! Can't wait to see what you brought home!

  2. Wow...thanks so much for bringing your inspiration from Texas to my living room!!!

  3. Hoping to go in the next few days! Thanks for the eye candy!

  4. Amazing Janis! What a great place! Thanks for sharing your trip with us!

  5. So beautiful! Great pics! We leave early tomorrow morning for Round Top. Yea! It's our first time to go too!

  6. So beautiful! Great pics! We leave early tomorrow morning for Round Top. Yea! It's our first time to go too!

  7. You know, I'm not adverse to a road trip.

    I think this is a (non-earth-shaking) failure of bloggers: Neglecting to mention Where the heck they ARE?
    It took 1/2 this page to figure out you were going to go "up the road" in TEXAS. (I'm in Maryland.)
    Bloggers with brick and block stores frequently don't mention WHERE they are. There are those of us who haven't found our creativity and are willing to invest. Sometimes investment means travel. I would LOVE to visit this antique fair next year, when I can INVEST in travel, where I would invest in treasures.
    Everything in these pictures speaks to me. The colors, the textures, and even traveling back to Texas where I once lived.

    Just a rant.
    One I experience frequently when reading about great sales or classes that might as well be on the moon, as far as I can guess.

  8. Hi Janis, I just came over from Pinterest. LOVE all your wonderful photos of Marburger!!

  9. Janis, I'm hoping to go in April! I couldn't make it this time and I have never been to Round Top/Warrenton before, so I can't wait :) So jealous of all the good stuff you saw and can't wait to see what you bought!

  10. Looks like you had a blast!! Can't wait to see what you got!

  11. Bet you had a super fun day! I love going to these "junk" sales. I spyed a black lantern... one of my weaknesses!


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