Wednesday, September 25, 2013

{Frito Chili Pie} and My Secret

It's officially Fall, so I can make my "official" Fall dinner staple.
For me, it's Frito Chili Pie. First cool breeze we are having FCP!

Not really sure why we call it "PIE".
Growing up in Texas, every Friday night my family attended my small town Football game.

 Often times, dinner was eaten at the game.
This was before the nacho craze, so besides popcorn and hotdogs, Frito pie was THE choice dinner item.
You were handed a small bag of Fritos that had been opened, and a fork. Chili had been poured over the chips. Shredded cheese was put on top and jalapenos were always optional.
In my book, Frito Chili Pie is pretty hard to beat on a cool night.
The tradition still plays out at my house, except I serve it in a bowl. My only secret for this weeknight dinner, is that my chili seasonings come from a package. Did I say that out loud?

My secret is out! Williams Chili seasoning is my absolute favorite! I've tried many many others, but keep coming back to the shiny silver package, so look for it at your grocery store.

I usually make double, because leftover chili is super awesome!

Frito Chili Pie

 4 lbs. of ground chuck (it is the most flavorful in my opinion)
1 14oz. can of diced tomatoes or Rotel with green chilies
1 8oz. can tomato sauce
2 pkgs. of Williams Original Chili seasoning
1 c. water
Salt to taste
Shredded cheddar cheese
Sour cream
pickled jalapenos

Brown your ground chuck and drain most of the grease. Add the seasoning packets and stir. Pour in water, tomatoes and tomato sauce. Add salt! Bring to a boil, then turn to low and simmer. 

Place a huge pile of Fritos in bottom of bowl. Pour some chili over them. Top with cheese, sour cream, and jalapenos. Enjoy!

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Happy Football watching, too!


  1. Janis, I haven't thought about Frito Pie in so long. But, your wonderful, vivid pictures have whetted my appetite for this long forgotten childhood staple. Yes, I remember those made in a small frito bag. They tasted so good. Thanks for the memory and inspiration.

    1. Brings back so many good memories for me too Elizabeth! Thanks for stopping by!

  2. One of my favorites!!! My kids freaked out when I told them they got to eat straight of the bag. :)

    1. Oh I know, the kids think it's barbaric! I always thought it was so fun! We eat it at my house waaayy too much.

  3. Hi Janis! how did you know Fritos are my Chip of Choice?? gotta try this one, esp because it 's one of those "all in one" easy meals!!

  4. Yum!! We used to eat these when I was a kid too. For some reason they were called "pepper bellies" I can't even imagine why... Have you ever had a "walking taco"?


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