Friday, January 10, 2014

{Country Grey Chalkpaint} Table Makeover

Have you ever just gotten tired of a piece of furniture in your house? Maybe the color isn't quite right anymore, but it's still in good shape structurally.

At Christmas time, we flipped our Living Room arrangement around, so when the decorations came down the furniture stayed in their new place. The only problem was this RED table wasn't hidden anymore. It is now the very first thing you see when you walk into the Living Room.
 I had a free afternoon, so Annie Sloan Chalkpaint to the rescue.
I decided on Country Grey, shook the can and began painting. 
In no time, I had 2 coats drying.

Next step, I mixed equal parts of clear AS wax and dark AS wax.
Using an old tshirt, I scooped out a blob of wax and began spreading it and rubbing it into the paint.

In the above picture you can see where I've applied the wax. 
I continued to apply, and rub until every surface of the painted table had a thin layer of rubbed in wax.
 After the wax dried a bit, I began to buff. Using a dry section of the tshirt, I began buffing and rubbing the entire surface.
Now this table was as simple as it gets as far as design goes, but the chalkpaint and wax gave it a new life.
I was done with this project within 3 hours
 (and that included a long break for me!)

Amazed again by this incredible paint!
What do you think?

I'll be showing more of my home all cozied up 
for Winter next week at The Scoop's Cozy Home Tour.

Check back here on Monday, because I've got a 
new giveaway and some money saving tips. 

Stay warm and cozy!


  1. It is beautiful. My daughter wants me to paint her bed and dresser, so I am considering using AS paint for the first time.

  2. Beautiful transformation! I love AS paint and your color is perfect!~~Ang

  3. Beautiful! What a talent you have! ;)

  4. Beautiful! What a talent you have! ;)

  5. Really nice makeover, it looks totally different when finished.
    I love Annie`s Sloan paint too.

  6. Love it janis! I was debating on a living room table and now I'm sold!
    Thanks for sharing!

  7. Gorgeous Janis!!!!!

    janet xox
    The Empty Nest


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