Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Bulletin Board {Frame} Re-do DIY

I found this slightly warped wooden frame at Hobby Lobby, in the clearance sale section.  I liked the ornate wood carving and knew it would make a great bulletin board for my teenage daughter's room.  I found the "vintage" looking fabric, gathered some foam core board and was ready to put it together.

The frame started like this pic below.
I knew it wasn't great the way it was...but didn't want to just paint it.  So I "reverse antiqued" it.  Not sure of the technical term, but basically, instead of using a darker stain or paint, I used a lighter one to seep into those crevices.
Over at Villabarnes, she does some beautiful things with white washing, and uses Gesso.
I had never tried gesso in that way before, so I thought I'd give it a try!
After applying gesso on one side of frame, I used a rag to wipe off and rub in areas I wanted the wood to show through.   Then repeated the process on the other sides of frame.  Rubbed off a little more to make sure it looked somewhat even on all sides.
Measured, cut foam core board.  Wrapped with fabric and hot glued on back.  Secured it inside the frame...done!

Quick and easy project!  Looks great in her room!!


  1. Oh wow, such an awesome frame! You did a good job on this - my girls would be happy too with a bulletin board like this ;)
    (BTW: I found you through the Linky Followers website ;))

  2. Oh, very nice. I've never worked with gesso before either. I'll have to check it out. Thanks for sharing, liz

  3. They look great. I have been wanting to try this but wasn't sure. Now after seeing these I am going to do it.

  4. how did you secure the foam board in the frame? Love this project for my daughter to hang her jewelry on!

    1. Great question Sheila. The fabric made it a snug fit, so I just added a few tacks around to make sure it was secure. You could also use small nails, or even a staple gun if your frame can handle it. (I tried to reply to you through email, but you're account is "no-reply", so it wouldn't send. Let me know if you want to change that and I'll send you the tutorial)


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