Sunday, August 18, 2013

Embellish {Candle Sconce} DIY

Do you have a plain candle sconce that could use a little oomph?
I added some fun embellishments to make mine have more presence.
Can you tell that it's a fake? 

I started with this rustic French candle sconce that I ordered online from Decor Steals. I actually have a pair, so they were perfect candidates for a 
little DIY embellishing.
All you need is a 1/2" pvc pipe, craft wire, mini lamp shades, and chandelier crystals (mine are plastic).
Decide how tall you want your pvc pipe and shades to be.
I cut 4 pieces of the pvc pipe approximately 5" in height.
(I also had to paint over some lettering that was stamped on the pipe.)
 Now you're ready to assemble.
1. Thread the wire through the wire loop that the crystal is attached to. Wrap the craft wire around the candle spike so that the crystal dangles easily off the edge of the candle holder. I kept looping the wire and threading crystals until I was done with all 3, then snipped the craft wire.

2. Center the crystals in the position that you like. I put one in the center and the other two on either side. You could certainly add more bling if you'd like. I secured the wire around the candle spike with some hot glue.

3. I used the craft wire to wrap and thread through the lightbulb clamps on the mini-shades and then around the pvc pipe. Then I secured it all with hot glue. 

4. Lastly, place hot glue on the bottom of the pvc pipe with shade attached. Center it over the candle spike on the candle holder and hold in place until it is secure. I added a little extra glue around the outside as well.
And you are done folks! If you notice in the before picture, the arms are close together, so I did gently pull them out a bit so the piece is more substantial.
The great thing about these sconces is that they are portable. I can move them around wherever to add a little drama. Their first home was on my new chalkboard wall. You can see them by clicking here. 

The Dining room just got a new paint job, so I also tried them out on either side of the big window. The next project for that room is the drapes. I've got to measure, cut and sew those soon. I'm so excited about the fabrics and can't wait to see what they add to the room. That window has never had drapes, so it's always looked a little naked.

Check back soon or sign up to follow me by email, (over on the right in the sidebar) so you don't miss a thing! Dining room reveal will be soon!!

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  1. What a cute idea, Janis! It really adds an elegant touch to the sconces. I bought some plastic ones a couple of years ago and added them to the iron chandelier above our tub. No one can tell the difference! Yours are beautiful!

  2. What a creative idea. You did a great job..I thought they were electric.. Those little beauties will look great wherever you put them...enjoy...and show us the drapes when you finish....happy decorating and blessings!

  3. turned out gorgeous!!!...Great idea and great job!!

  4. I love the bling! They're beautiful!

  5. What a great idea--I never would have thought of the PVC pipe! :)

  6. So creative! I love how they look so different against your different wall colours- I know what you mean about naked windows - I have nothing on many of mine yet and am really looking forward to changing that one of these days. Drapes just finish off a room, I think:)


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