Friday, August 16, 2013

{Popcorn Bar} Teen Birthday Party

Who likes sweet goodies sprinkled in their popcorn?
When I go to the movie, I like a bag of popcorn in one hand
and a box of Milk Duds in the other.

So why not set up a Popcorn Bar for your next party?
My daughter just turned 17 and she wanted a Pool party, 
with a pinata, photo booth, games, and movie watching. 
Knowing that teenagers are always hungry,
I figured popcorn would be good for the movie watching... 
and why not add more candy!
Why else would teens wear a blindfold and swing a bat
at a tissue covered figure?...for the CANDY!
 The teens popped the popcorn when they were ready for it.
The popcorn was all warm when they added their goodies.
I provided these cute plastic Popcorn containers from Dollar Tree.
(They worked great as favors, 2 for $1
and yes, teens like party favors too)
I set out the goodies for them in these cute galvanized containers,
 lined with wax paper. The candies of choice were
M&M's, Reese's Pieces, Marshmallows, Pecans, and Caramel Bites.
Did you know that Kraft makes these caramel bites?
They are little caramel balls, just like the caramel squares, but without the wrappers. Brilliant!!!

That was all there was to it.
Easy, fun and oh so delicious.
You don't have to have a party to enjoy a Popcorn Bar!
What kind of goodie would you put in yours?

If you'd like to see the Photo Booth I made for the party,
click here.


  1. Janis that looks so good! What a fun idea!

    1. Thanks Mary! The kiddos had fun with it and who doesn't like candy in their popcorn?

  2. Who needs a party? I want to make this for me!

    1. Yep! We had a little sampling with the leftover candy the other night watching TV. Thanks Jackie!

  3. I'm going to have movie night with my husband and kids - and one boyfriend - next week. Funny how we have to plan these things now that she's moved out. Anyway, this looks like such a cute idea to copy for that get together.


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