Thursday, September 5, 2013

{Styling Bookshelves} from Cluttered to Styled

Do your bookshelves ever get "out of whack"? 
I have 2 tall and narrow bookshelves in the Master Bedroom
 on either side of the sitting area and bay windows.
These are working bookshelves, meaning I actually use and pull books from these shelves and READ them.

My family will tell you that I am not the neat freak that I'd like them to be. Translation, sometimes things don't get put back where they were found. {gasp} Yep, I've got some messy bookshelves.
I cleared out the books that I would never read again, and put them in a giveaway pile. Then I stacked those that were "shelf worthy".
I removed any book jackets and arranged them by color and also according to how I would use them. The ones I reference frequently,
I placed on the lower shelves.
Using some of my inspiration ideas, which can be found by clicking here.
I wanted to include this beautiful print/lithograph on the shelf, so I adjusted the shelf to accommodate it. Then I got to stacking and styling.
I tried to mix the textures with the decorative items.  I incorporated a small silver tray, an embossed box, a sparkly tiled cross, an oval metal box, an antler nub, a ceramic urn with a candle...etc.

I played with the books and decorative items for awhile,
until I finally made myself stop.

There are endless possibilities, so it's fun to play. You can also turn the bindings to the back, as I did on the top row just to show you. Most of these books are new, so the bindings are bright and colorful, so it just depends on your color scheme and style.
Adding greenery of some sort for color adds a little life, I think. The wire container is filled with moss and faux greenery sprigs.
Moss balls, or even live plants look lovely as well.
Here's the sitting area, with my new non-matchy  His & Her chairs.
I'm working on some throw pillows (which is why you see the white pillow form laying there, that I forgot to remove before shooting).
Post coming soon when I get those pillows made,
 so check back or follow me!
And don't forget about the little Fall Dream.Create.Inspire party & giveaway going on next week!
Spread the word!!


  1. They look beautiful!!! And now you've reminded me that I have to desperately do mine !!!
    Love those 2 chairs also - what a beautiful corner to read in!

    1. Thank you Suzan! It was waaayyy overdue and feels so great when the clutter is gone! Appreciate your sweet comment!

  2. What a beautiful sitting area and your bookcases look lovely! Can't wait to see the pillows.

    1. Thank you Michelle! It looks waaayyy better with the new chairs and uncluttered shelves. I'm excited about the pillows. I'm using fabric samples my neighbor gave me from the furniture store she works at. Now just to decide, because there are so many choices!

  3. Love your chairs (and the bookshelves... and the paint color...) Love you too!

    1. I was so nervous about those chairs, and I am so glad I did it! So exciting to get stuff cleaned out! Paint color is an old Martha color from SW called "Tilled soil", and it is like chocolate to me! Love you too sweet girl!!!


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