Monday, December 9, 2013

DIY Burlap and Velvet {Christmas Stockings}

Rustic Elegance...that's the name my style has been given.
No matter what the name, I like rustic things 
and I like luscious and beautiful things. 

So when I made new Christmas stockings for the family, 
I decided on the ever so popular burlap and the luscious velvet.
The colors of the stockings look great with the stone fireplace.
The stockings are made to be all the same size, 
but I wanted to make them individual in some way.

Putting special adornments on each velvet cuff seemed an easy way to make two of them more masculine for my boys 
and the other two more feminine for the girls in the family.
Here's a close up. Two wooden buttons sewn onto the cuff
 seemed a manly addition for the hubby's stocking. 
I found these glitter letters this year at WalMart.
I discovered in my box of vintage lace, these gorgeous 3D lace flowers, so I carefully cut around two of them 
and sewed them to my stocking.
Also in my box of goodies, was this 3 layer, slightly pink lace collar. I was amazed that it fit perfectly all the way around the cuff of my daughter's stocking.
Here, you can see the center of the lace collar at the left edge 
of the stocking cuff. The touch of pink is very slight.
These 3 vintage keys were found in my son's room. I started a collection of keys for him when he was young. They even jingle!

Here's a simple pattern I used for my stockings 
that you can download. This is NOT to scale. My stockings are approximately 16" from top of cuff to tip of toe.
You can enlarge it to fit your needs.

I added the velvet cuff to the top of this pattern. I doubled it so that it could be folded down.
I also lined the stockings with a thin cotton,
 since burlap is an open weave.

If you'd like to see more handmade Christmas projects,
click HERE for a tour of my home with links to more.

Merry Christmas my friends!


  1. Hi Janis, I love your blog. Your home is just beautiful. The stocking are perfect love the little bit of glitter.

  2. Janis-
    Thanks for the kind words you left me.
    I adore your blog and style, looking forward to following you!!

  3. These are simply lovely! I adore all the embellishments you added to each of the stockings.

  4. Those stocking are beautiful Janis. I love the embellishments - especially those 3D flowers. What an amazing find.

  5. Lovely and thank you so much for the pattern. That was very sweet of you. Merry Christmas to you and yours, Janis.


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