Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Three {Moss Trees} Vignette

Three Little Moss Trees sitting in a pot...

 These little Moss trees seemed the perfect centerpiece for our Breakfast table this year. I was inspired by a picture I saw of a vignette on a coffee table. These would look lovely in a living area as well.
These trees were a breeze to make, so here is what you need:

3 styrofoam cones (I used 1 small and 2 medium sizes)
1/2" diameter branch (a crepe myrtle branch worked great)
3 small clay pots
acrylic paint (I used ivory) 
foam brush
Glitter and glue
3 styrofoam blocks for inside pots
hot glue gun
1 roll of sheet moss
Loose moss as pot filler
Paint your pots with acrylic paint. I painted mine with a light coat, similar to a wash look. Let dry and add some 
glass glitter to the top edge of the pots.
You can find out more about glass glitter HERE.

So that my trees would be 3 different sizes, I cut off a little of the medium sized styrofoam cone. Then begin wrapping and hot gluing the moss to each of the 3 cones. You can use loose moss, but I tried the moss on a net sheet and it worked great, and it was very fast.
I love the little bit of sparkle on the edges.
When you moss is glued, insert your branch pieces into the styrofoam and hot glue around it to secure it.

Put some styrofoam blocks in the bottom of your clay pots and insert the branches into the styrofoam until they are the height you like, and hot glue some more.

Fill the space with some loose moss or spanish moss 
and your trees are done!
 I placed the three moss trees on a silver tray I found at a thrift store. I scattered some crystal filler on the bottom, along with a few votive candles and small ornaments.
 I also put these ornament "words" around the tray where they can be seen. I found them in the miniature ornament 
section at Hobby Lobby.
Isn't the tree vignette pretty all lit up?
Here you can see the"Peace" ornament...and oops, just pretend like you don't see that huge ladder in the background. Just a little behind the scenes pic of what bloggers do for a photo shoot! 
 A sweet little centerpiece for our table...
and if you know me, you know how I adore Moss! 

If you missed my Christmas Home tour,
you can check it out HERE.

Merry Christmas!

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  1. Love this! That shot where you are looking down is amazing! Love the glittered pots and the crystal with the silver tray and shiny ornaments! So pretty!

  2. Beautiful…I am so loving the more natural look of Christmas decor…love you dining area!! Fantastic job!

  3. These turned out great! Will have to make some! Want to see more pictures of your Christmas mantel for pinning!


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