Monday, December 2, 2013

Glittery Christmas Tree {Paper Ribbon}

 Platinum velvet, jeweled silk, and paper.
These are the types of ribbon I used 
on my Christmas tree this year.

Isn't she lovely? I was surprised that the lights actually shone through the thin paper and tiny holes. What a gorgeous glow!
The affect of shimmering gold, silver, mirrored and glittered ornaments makes for a beautiful tree.
 Any guesses yet on what kind of paper I used?
Here's a closeup of the paper. See the holes?
I also made the sheet music ornaments with glittered edges. 
Click HERE for the tutorial.
 Here's another BIG clue. Give up?
It's a music roll used in player pianos.
I remember a player piano played at a pizza parlor
when I was growing up.

Player pianos are not being used as much these days,
so these music rolls are showing up at the antique fairs.

Since I'm a pianist, I have a special interest in such things.
I also thought the paper would be perfect to scrunch
 to look like ribbon on my Christmas tree.

That's called "repurposing"! 
 I had the idea to add the "Words of God" to my tree ribbon,
so this very thin paper player piano roll worked perfectly.
(You could also use any thin-type paper roll or wrapping paper)

The fonts I used are listed below along with the link for a free download as well as the size of font I used.

Wonderful - Contribute (144)
Counselor - Jane Austen (144)
Mighty God - Birmingham (96)
Prince of Peace - Christmas Card (144)
Everlasting Father - Chopin Script (144)

Want to see more of my Christmas decor?
Come back tomorrow and I will give you the tour.
There's also a great giveaway as well,
so check out today's tour and enter to win.
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Be inspired and I'll see you back here on Tuesday, December 3rd!


  1. Very creative and beautiful! I never would have guessed it was paper!

    1. Oh thank you Kim! Sometimes ideas don't work in reality, but I was pleasantly surprised with this one! Who knew? lol Appreciate you and your sweet comments!

  2. Hello Janis - I am absolutely LOVING everything! I'm going to show Dearest your tree - We've yet to decorate it, actually it's a Daddy - Children (grown!) project. Love how you've got so much joy and praise throughout - marvelously done - sharing on Facebook!

    1. Thank you so much Kathy!! I am delighted that you like it and super excited you are sharing it!! Have fun decorating!! Blessings, Janis

  3. Janis sso pretty and rich. No one would have guessed it was piano paper. I thought a high end ribbon. LOL.Thank you for sharing and I will Pin it. One of my favorites right at the top. Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Karen


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